I started jewelry designing over 12 years ago as an artistic outlet to express a part of me that loves the idea of personal adornment as a way to express an inner part of us. I find much personal satisfaction in crafting an object out of raw materials.

My pieces are all handmade. Some pieces beginning from alloyed 22kt or 18kt gold, then hand rolled or pulled into sheet and wire. Others are hand cast and then hand finished.

I am inspired by antiquities especially roman and Etruscan. I use found objects d’art, Asian artifacts and antique pieces in my designs. By incorporating these objects in my pieces I feel I honor the craftsmen of old.

As my sense of style and craftsmanship has evolved I have chosen to start a new chapter of Wild Poppies under a new name of Zannier Studios. Zannier was my great grandmother’s name and represents a remembrance of all the wonderful women in my life.

My new logo is a stylized peony. Being my grandmother’s favorite flower and the official flower of China, it seemed a perfect symbol. The peony represents good fortune, love and prosperity and is the symbol of the material world, the here and now. For me the peony represents a blending of my old family with my new family.